“Saci Pumps”

Saci Pumps

Saci Pumps (Bombas Saci SA) is a leading manufacturer of pool pumps founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1976. In 2019 the company inaugurated its new plant located in Granollers with facilities covering over 8,000 square meters and which, together with the commercial branches of A Coruña and Levante, allow Saci Pumps to guarantee and optimize the level of logistics and production of the service to its entire network of national and international customers.
The acquisition in December 2022 strengthens the Group’s penetration of the Iberian market and significantly expands the range of pool pumps offered to worldwide customers.

“Superior Pump”

Superior Pump

Superior Pump and Decko Products are the trading names of Michel Sales Inc.
Superior Pump, based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is active in the design, manufacture, and marketing of residential and commercial water pumps with a strong direct presence on the American market.
Through the acquisition of a major stake in Superior Pump, which occurred in December 2020 through the American holding Pedrollo Group Inc. the Gruppo Pedrollo is pursuing two strategic objectives: to strengthen, through an established, historical player its presence in North America (USA + Canada) and to extend the entire product range of the Group to a large and consolidated customer base.

“City pumps”

City pumps

City Pumps designs and produces 100% Made in Italy water pumps: reliable, robust, user-friendly.
Simple and innovative products, with outstanding performance and energy efficient, they are guaranteed by the highest manufacturing standards and thorough controls, and dispatched to customers all over the world.



Panelli has been designing and manufacturing electric pumps and submersible motors in Italy since 1906. Thanks to more than 100 years of experience, gained in markets all over the world, Panelli is able to offer a wide range of Made in Italy products capable of satisfying multiple solutions in civil, agricultural and industrial fields.
The desire to stand out in the marketplace has driven Panelli to develop high-performance hydraulics, ensuring low energy consumption even in heavy-duty applications.



Pedrollo SpA, founded in 1974, is globally recognised as a benchmark in the water pumps industry.
Innovation, quality, service, professionalism, internationalization and its business model, along with commitment to social responsibility, are the foundations of its long-established reputation.



PM is a company founded in 2008 that has quickly established itself in the Italian and international market of electric submersible pump motors. Each PM product is the result of passionate research and design work.
The result is an extremely reliable, efficient, competitive range with attention to every detail, distinctive expressions of Made in Italy.